No Call Thursdays

Because we all need a day to get **** done

Even before Covid-19, calls could consume your week. But since Covid-19, communication that could be an email has become a Zoom or phone call.

We want to give you an excuse to have one day for uninterrupted work, so we created the “No Call Thursdays” initiative. 

**** is a four letter word called work.

Take a day off from meetings, phone calls, and Zoom.

So What Exactly is No Call Thursday?

It's a day to to focus on...

Your Projects

We all need a break to push forward our own ideas. A day without meetings is the perfect chance to move your projects forward – without having to burn the midnight oil.

Your Growth

How can you gain new skills when you are constantly on calls? You can’t. Use your new uninterrupted time to take a course, listen to a podcast, or take a walk. It’s up to you!

Your Actual Work

You probably have had weeks where you need dedicated time to do what pays the bills – but then a client wants a call. Just say no (on Thursdays) and devote that time to getting actual **** done.

Why Thursdays?

If you want a day away from calls, Thursday is the best day. 

Why? Monday through Wednesday’s requests are sitting on your plate, but you need a chance to connect with your clients before the weekend. That leaves one perfect day – Thursday.

You can leave the front half of the week available for anything. Then take a day away to focus and be productive, and you still have Friday to circle back with your clients, boss, or co-workers.

Who is it for?

How Does it Work?

It’s super simple but not always easy.

Just say no to meetings on Thursdays. 

Mark your calendar as unavailable every Thursday, all-day. Let people know you take Thursdays off from calls so you can work for them. 

Sound impossible? Download our No Call Thursdays toolkit for badges, resources, and apps to help you stay committed. 

Who's Behind No Call Thursdays?

No Call Thursdays Blocked Out Calendly

No Call Thursdays is a side-project of The Sky Floor, a digital marketing company specializing in websites.

Owners Joel and Alan Miller have seen the number of meetings in their business spiral out of control and sought work-life, meeting balance.

We practice what we preach; if you try to book a meeting with The Sky Floor, you will see a calendar just like this – Thursdays are left open. We love it so far and would love for you to join! 

Join the Movement

Try NCT for 30 days and take back control of your work, one day a week.

Let us know you are joining in, and we will post your logo and website here to inspire others.

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Get Started With These Great Tools


Block out your Calendly or shared calendar automatically by subscribing to the Google calendar or downloading the ICS to an integrated service.


Download our media kit to share No Call Thursdays on your blog or news channel. 

If you join in, add an NCT badge to your website Contact page or footer. 

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